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3 Reasons Why Hotel Elevators Need Upgrades

A unique experience that includes a sense of place is increasingly important for travelers.


Although a consistent, high level of service is still essential, travelers now want that service while being able to feel connected to the location they’re visiting.  


In hospitality spaces, elevators are a part of both your guests’ first and last impressions which can impact how they feel about their overall stay. They are also the key feature that provides guests and staff with proper accessibility that are expected to function safely and reliably.


But we know your elevators need to do more than just look good – they also need to withstand the commercial demands of carts, luggage, maintenance equipment and the hundreds of guests that use them day-in and day-out.


Here are 3 reasons why it’s time to consider a hotel elevator upgrade: 


  1. Provide memorable experiences for your guests
  2. Increase building value
  3. Enhance accessibility 


Provide memorable experiences for your guests


Artwork and imagery can provide a new personality to any hotel. But elevators are often the last place hoteliers and resorts consider to put them. Strategically placed art – like in an elevator that is being used by the same guests multiple times a day – can provide a sense of comfort, class and happiness for any first time visitor.  


Imagery in elevators can also be used to reinforce the themes in your branding, or even as a way to display large-scale photos of local themes and attractions. This helps your guests connect to the location of their travel destination in unique and memorable ways. 



Increase Building Value


By simply modernizing your elevator, you can impact your property’s overall market value. It also can prove to be a positive return-on-investment after featuring photos of your elevators on your website. When incorporating unique artwork and imagery inside your elevators, you are differentiating yourself from the competition, enticing guests to book with you. 


Even if it’s not artwork or imagery, a refresh using new wall panels, grab-bars, cabs and lights can all contribute to increasing the financial value of your hotel not only on paper, but also to your guests. If the space is something that is inviting and memorable, your guests are more likely to be able to justify their expenses and continue to book and promote your hotel to their networks.


Enhance accessibility


A critical aspect of elevator renovation that often goes undetected is accessibility. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires commercial buildings to create access to people with disabilities so they can safely navigate their spaces. Elevator design is included in these requirements. 


Certain features must be present inside the elevator to ensure ADA compliance so that people with mobility, vision or hearing issues can safely use the elevator system. For example, handrails in the cab, and braille on the elevator entry point are all features required to be incorporated into the design. These enhancements not only create a safe experience for guests with ADA considerations, but for all guests.


Fortunately, commercial elevator interior experts at Inpro can ensure ADA compliance with the inside of the cab, and even the architectural signage required on the entry point as well.


At Inpro, our designated Elevator Interiors experts can help address all 3 of these considerations.

With quality-engineered products and world-class service, all of our hospitality customers receive the knowledge and quality products that have helped our elevator interiors win Elevator’s World Product of the Year.

To learn more about our Elevator Interior division, download our brochure here.


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