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pARTnership Spotlight – Henry Domke Fine Art

Inpro’s pARTnership program brings artists to you; highlighting creatives in the business that are known for producing visually engaging commercial environments with their art and photography. As part of this program, we’ve selected some of the most sought-after artists that we see printed on our Aspex® Printed Wall Protection and durable Wall Art.

For this particular spotlight, we’re celebrating Henry Domke.

After 20 years as a family practice physician, Dr. Henry Domke began studying fine art at the University of Missouri-Columbia’s graduate program. Domke transitioned from treating patients as a doctor, to healing them as an artist.

We sat down with him to learn more about his background, his process, and his artistic expression.


 An Interview with Henry Domke


Henry, what roles do you think art and photography play in healthcare spaces?

“There’s a very real need for healthcare art. At the time of starting Henry Domke Fine Art in 2003, there was already compelling research about how patients exposed to nature, or even images of nature, healed more quickly, had less stress, and required less pain medication.  Having been a practicing physician for over 20 years, I experienced first-hand the need for better and more appropriate art for hospitals and medical facilities.”


Where do you find inspiration or influence for your art?

“Much of my art is based on the native plants and animals I find exploring my 600-acre property in central Missouri. And actually, any profit we make from the art sales helps us develop that land into the Prairie Garden Trust, a nonprofit public nature garden. But most of my nature images come from all over the country. I’ve found inspiration farther afield in coastal landscapes, mountainous terrains, desert scenes, and even seashells.”


Have you had any memorable responses to your work that significantly impacted you?

“Many. But in particular, a gentleman approached me who was sure I photographed his grandparents’ farm, where he used to spend his childhood summers – a very fond memory for him. In another instance, a woman would come to the hospital early for radiation treatment so she could meditate on one of my pictures before her procedure. Even after retiring from my fulfilling career as a doctor, I still continue to work, create, and bring hope to help heal patients.


How do you approach the client relationship?

“I ask my clients how I can better meet their art needs. I talk to interior designers and art specifiers about what they want to see for hospital rooms. I offer art on paper, canvas, and for use on glass, acrylic, metal, backlit panels, and wall coverings as large as a billboard.”


How do you work with Inpro’s clients?

“I have worked with Inpro on several projects. Once a client selects which pieces they would like to use within their facility, Inpro makes it come to life using their AspexⓇ Printed Wall Protection or Wall Art products.

Contact a sales representative to get Henry Domke Fine Art on your facility’s walls today.

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