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Embracing Transformation: The Story Behind Inpro’s Transition Color Palette

Our latest Collection Palette, Transition, invites you to be a part of a transformative journey.  Transition takes inspiration from one of nature’s most captivating journeys—the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. 

As you embark on your design endeavors, consider how Transition can infuse your projects with the essence of growth, change, and a restored perspective. It’s a reminder that, like the caterpillar, we too are destined for transformation. So go ahead, celebrate change, and let the colors of the Transition guide you toward a brighter, more inspired future. 

The Caterpillar’s Journey 


Just like a caterpillar knows it’s destined for transformation, the Transition palette begins with colors and themes that reflect the early stages of life. “Genesis,” “Character,” and “Awareness” are the core elements of this phase. Imagine the strength of a flower just starting to grow, nourishing itself for the journey ahead. These colors lay the foundation for change, symbolizing preparation and the promise of things to come. 

The Chrysalis Stage 


As the caterpillar progresses, it anticipates the next phase with eagerness and courage. “Confidence,” “Ambition,” and “Transformation” capture the spirit of this transition. In the design world, these qualities translate into spaces that inspire growth and change. The Transition Palette encourages you to take bold steps, just as the caterpillar does, and embrace transformation with open arms. 

The Butterfly Emerges 


Finally, the caterpillar achieves its destiny—a new life as a butterfly. “Awakening,” “Metamorphosis,” and “Rebirth” symbolize this vibrant stage. Just like a butterfly’s wings spread to explore the world, these colors bring a fresh perspective to your design projects. They signify new beginnings and the excitement of what lies ahead. 

Note from the Designer 


Aga Artka, the visionary behind the Transition palette, reminds us of the wisdom nature holds. “Nature never hurries; it adapts and grows at its own pace. In our personal and professional lives, embracing transition requires patience, strength, and perseverance. It’s about quieting the mind, tuning in to the heart, and trusting that the results will surpass our wildest imaginations.” 

Using the Transition Palette


Now that you’ve glimpsed the inspiration behind Inpro’s “Transition Color Palette,” it’s time to explore how to use it in your projects. The whimsical color combinations, organic patterns, and reflective finishes offer endless possibilities. Create spaces that radiate confidence and joy, mirroring the beauty and cyclical nature of the world around us. 

Just as the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly, your design projects can take on new life with this vibrant collection. Embrace change, find beauty in individuality, and remember that nature itself is a never-ending cycle of inspiration.  

See the full Transition collection here.  



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