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Welcome Inn: How a Hotel’s Colors + Finishes Impact Guest Experience

After a long flight, your Uber drops you off to your hotel from the airport. You walk into the lobby for your 3-night stay during a work convention. 

Despite the friendliness of the receptionist, you notice the cracked corners around the edges of the walls, and see the recessed dents speckled along the back wall of the desk. Not exactly the warm welcome you were hoping for.

You get your keycard and take the elevator to your room on the 3rd floor, and notice the numerous scratches on the cab’s interiors. The scratches, accompanied by the screeching of the lift, make you feel uneasy. I’ll probably just take the stairs next time, you think to yourself. 

As you depart the elevator, you’re taken aback by the brightly-colored corridors on the 3rd level. Your eyes follow the scratch marks lined on the walls to your room, most likely from the former guests with children who rode the luggage carts bumping into the walls without care, excited for their family trip. 

And when you finally enter your room and throw your luggage to the side, you take an exasperated sigh and ask, “Why on Earth did my company book my stay here?”

This is because in the realm of hospitality, first impressions are lasting impressions. 

As travelers step into hotels, resorts, and other accommodations, the ambiance they encounter becomes a crucial part of their overall experience. 

Among the various design elements, colors and finishes hold a remarkable power to shape the emotions, perceptions, and memories of your guests. Your hotel’s interiors can either distract them from your amazing customer service or it can help support their positive experience.

While there are many ways to improve a guest’s experience through lighting and furniture, an often overlooked (but perhaps one of the most overly-abused design elements in hotels), happens to be its walls. 


When choosing to simply cover your hotel’s walls with paint, you leave the facility susceptible to paying more in the long run for labor costs and supplies after the unavoidable damage. There’s nothing protecting your dry-wall (and all the cost that came with the design, build and installation) from the guaranteed damage it will receive in a relatively short amount of time.

Because this industry boasts such high traffic, your interiors are destined for wear and tear. Yet designers and facility managers alike struggle to find solutions that have the ability to pair performance with aesthetics.  


First, Let’s Check-In with the Basics of Color

Colors are universal languages of emotion and serve as the visual brand of a hospitality establishment. 

In hospitality, there are a few things to consider for an entry-level designer or facility manager looking for inspiration: 

Brand Consistency

For hotel chains and hospitality brands, maintaining a consistent color and finish palette across various properties establishes a recognizable brand identity. Travelers can expect a familiar aesthetic, regardless of their destination. Whether you’re staying at the Best Western in Omaha or the Best Western in Fort Worth, you know the blue color palette and finishes will stay the same.

Cultural Connection

Colors and finishes inspired by the local culture can immerse travelers in the destination. Incorporating indigenous patterns and color palettes can enhance the sense of place and provide an authentic experience, even before guests step outside the doors.

Enhancing Wellness

Certain colors and finishes are associated with well-being. Soft blues and greens evoke a sense of respite and relaxation, while earthy tones connect guests to nature, promoting a biophilic environment that encourages rejuvenation.

Creating Focal Points

Colors and finishes can guide travelers’ attention to specific areas or design elements within a space. Bold colors and unique finishes can be strategically placed to draw the eye and create memorable focal points.


Protection in Style with Palladium Metallics

Enter Palladium Metallics, a transformative addition to your design toolkit. It’s not just about appearances; it’s about functionality and sophisticated design coexisting seamlessly.

Palladium® Metallics are a design-forward wall protection option with shimmering surfaces that play with light, casting intriguing shadows that captivate the eye. Imagine strategically placing these metallic finishes to craft focal points that intrigue and delight your guests. Palladium® Metallics is your wall’s shield that never compromises on style.

Your wall covering becomes more than a material choice; it becomes a statement. A visual tool to contribute to a positive guest experience. 

So when a tired traveler steps into your hotel lobby after a long journey, will you let their first impression be cracked corners, recessed dents, and corridors of wear and tear?  

Learn more about how Inpro can not only bring design and innovation to your walls, but to other parts of your hotel, too by viewing our latest hospitality brochure.


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