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Building a Data Center? Here’s What You Need to Know

Despite “Big Tech’s” shortcomings with layoffs, data center construction is on the rise. According to Dodge, three out of the four largest construction projects in 2022 were data centers.

  • $950 million Meta Hyperscale Data Center in Temple, Texas.
  • $800 million Meta Data Center Building 7 & 8 in Los Lunas, New Mexico.
  • $800 million Meta Data Center in Kuna, Idaho.

And the growth isn’t stopping there; the data center construction market is projected to grow from 28.81 billion to 58.33 billion by 2030, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2% during the forecast period.

Now more than ever, contractors are going to need to be prepared for these unique construction undertakings. Especially considering many architects are using the design-assist route, consulting with experienced design-build firms who specialize in data center building. 

One of the overlooked elements of this design is expansion joint covers for critical joint locations. When using heavy equipment or accommodating heavy loads in industrial settings, having properly installed expansion joint systems will be crucial to the safety and sanitation of your building. 

Joint locations can be damaged and cracked concrete floors can create hazards for occupants and machinery. Before deterioration starts and you need to be proactive, begin with specifying expansion joint systems in the initial design for the proactive approach. 

Inpro’s 787NS Recessed Floor Expansion Joint Cover is designed to support heavy equipment with a zero-bump system option to avoid jarring any rolling loads that transition over existing joints. This is convenient for high-traffic areas or areas with heavy equipment. 

You can learn more about load types for data centers in this whitepaper or contact us for a dedicated expansion joint system expert from Inpro today. 



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