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14 Employee Quotes for 14 Years of Winning Top Workplaces in Southeastern Wisconsin

At Inpro, we do things a little differently. 


And one of those different things is being “employees first.” That’s not something you hear often from large corporations. We realize that when we treat our employees great, they in turn treat our customers even better


For 14 years in a row, we’ve been selected as Top Workplace in Southeastern Wisconsin. That’s 14 years of commitment to a culture that makes a difference to the people that work inside our buildings. More than that, it’s a commitment to our customers. Because we care so much about our customers and will do what it takes to help them succeed, it’s critical that we are also obsessed with taking care of our employees.


Winning this award every year since its inception is a pretty big deal because it’s rare that a company is on every list, let alone even one! So being a “Hall of Famer” is a title we take very seriously. 


To celebrate, we’re sharing 14 quotes from 14 Inpro employees to celebrate our 14 years of success.


As you read these, you’ll see a few common themes among them. Words like: people, culture, potential.

So to our customers, thanks for helping Inpro grow and protect your communities. 

To our employees, thanks for allowing us to do that. 


Here’s to year 15. 

1.“Working at Inpro is like winning the employment Lottery. As a company, Inpro is an amazing place to work.”  


Anonymous Inpro Employee


2. “How lucky am I to be able to work in a position I love, in a culture that nurtures me to be the best I can be in every way, surrounded by a phenomenal group of people.  I feel very fortunate to have found my niche at this wonderful company.”


Jill Lehan, Employee Development & Corporate Services


3. “Inpro provides so much, you feel valued as an employee and this drives us to work hard to make a difference for our customers and colleagues.  On top of that we get to enjoy so many cool perks such as Friday breakfasts, employee clubs, fitness classes to name a few.  What a great company this is!”


Ramsey Bader, International GM


4. “Inpro is a great place to work for a multitude of reasons. First, they really are employees first. The fact that we have an entire department focused on employee culture sets it apart from many other companies. In addition, one word that sums up the employee experience at Inpro: Potential. The career path for an Inpro employee can go into many different directions (sales, marketing, production, logistics, IT, etc.). Wherever your career interests lie, Inpro more than likely has a place for you. And even if you don’t have the skills necessary to fill the role you desire, the company will offer the tools/training necessary to help get you there. We also have bikes and bike racks!”


Nic Fugate, Inside Sales Rep + Inpro Bike Club Co-Creator



5. “There are so many things I could say about why I love working at Inpro, and why I have chosen to call Inpro my “work home” for the last 5 ½ years. Simply put, it’s the people. Inpro is made up of a stellar group of individuals who want to see each other succeed.  We are ALL here for each other- through life’s wins and losses- and to know I have a group of people in my corner at all times is so refreshing.  Not only are my coworkers trustworthy, but they are seriously FUN to be around. In my time at Inpro, I have gotten to experience a Packers game, charter fishing trip, Brewers game, our annual red carpet Christmas party at the Pfister (even while in active labor with our 3rd child, I could NOT miss this glamorous party!), and so much more. I know my manager has my best interest at heart at all times, and getting to work with the wonderful people on my team brings a smile to my face every morning as I head out the door to work.”


Karlee Horlacher, Inside Sales Manager


6. “The people.  Inpro wouldn’t be Inpro without the dedicated, caring and creative people that I get to share space with.  We have a community of people who support, encourage and challenge each other because without the success of our people Inpro wouldn’t be the Inpro we know and care about today.”


Rita Zalewski, Employee Experience Coordinator


7. “The culture. A culture built around the people inspires those to want to succeed. This feeling helps make good days great, okay days better, and bad days tolerable. Each day goes by fast, and a great culture helps us stop, look, and think about moments. With this feeling of support, good relationships, and employees first attitude the foundation stays strong. Inpro is known to be ‘obsessed’ with buildings. Inpro is also ‘obsessed’ with their people. It’s an obsession every company should have, but it’s not really an obsession, it should be a way of life.”   


Anonymous Inpro Employee 


8. “What makes Inpro unique is our ability to perform as a leading supplier in our industry, while providing the experience of a Ma & Pa shop to our customers. Internally at our headquarters, it’s like walking into Cheers, everyone knows your name and is happy to see you! Working at or with Inpro is a loveable experience.” 


Carrie Wojcik, National Accounts 


9. “It sounds cheesy, but what makes Inpro great is that it truly is like a family. The amount of genuine welcoming, growth, and support that I’ve seen in my relatively short time here is nothing short of astounding. I’m constantly impressed with how everybody comes together to help each other out to complete our common goals.”


Bryan Roark, Materials Handler + Sales Representative


10. “Inpro fully believes in employees first. Making this an environment people want to spend time in, ensures that positivity is passed onto customer service.” 


Grace Kingstad, Traffic Manager



11. “During my first 11 years at Inpro, I have truly found a second home and family! Inpro provides countless opportunities for employees to have fun (games, contests, events, theme days, lunches, fun meeting spaces, community involvement, clubs, etc.) while promoting an overall sense of togetherness. Because of our highly interactive and engaging environment, I have met some of my favorite people here! We work hard but play hard as well and at the end of the day, Inpro stands firmly behind our ‘Employees First’ motto.”


 Jessica Wysocki, Community Lounge Manager


12.“Inpro is an awesome place to work because everyone’s voice is respected & carries value. Regardless of individual job title, employees are encouraged to speak up & share their input – all to continue making Inpro one of the best workplaces in Wisconsin!” 


Jess Jenkins, Environmental and Technical Project Specialist 


13.“At Inpro we work hard and are empowered to learn, grow and contribute to the company’s success. And… we have fun doing it!”


Dave Stevens, Sr. Director of Coaching and Development 


14.“Inpro is an extraordinary place to work because it offers the chance to participate in various initiatives across the company. We have the opportunity to learn, explore, contribute, and engage beyond our defined roles and departments. I’ve enjoyed being a member of various tactical committees, a welcome volunteer for new employees, and an ISO Internal Auditor over the years.”


Jen Johnson, Marketing Operations Specialist 

Thank you again to all of our wonderful employees that make this award possible!


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